The expertise of Keypoint

Keypoint Consultancy is a consultancy company specialized in traffic and transport with its offices in Utrecht and Enschede. Keypoint is a commercial spin-off from the University Twente,. The passionate and expert consultants at Keypoint think along with the client, are proactive, have an open mind and seek innovation. Keypoint provides specialist services in three fields of expertise, as depicted in the figure below:

First Sustainable Mobility. Within this field, we advise the client in the field of cycling, public transport, pedestrians and parking.

The second field concerns Dedicated Travel Information, the interface between ICT and mobility. Smart solutions for information systems related to public transport, traffic demand management (TDM) and parking have been developed. We support the client from the beginning to the end: from an initial idea up to realisation and organisation of maintenance.

The third field is Informed "en route" Which contains projects like Optimised Traffic Facility Usage (Beter Benutten), where we enable people to travel smarter from A to B. By offering explicit choices, the travellers' behaviour is affected. This field actually is a combination of Sustainable Mobility and Dedicated Travel Information.

For all these subject, Keypoint can assist you from start to finish. Starting from the policy development, followed by an content-driven expert advice and ultimately the project management during the realisation.

Short descriptions of our projects can be found on our project page (in Dutch only). We are happy to get into contact and to discuss how our expertise can help you.